High Volume Production

Dedicated high volume production cells

At Precision Tooling Services our customers often require two distinct production capabilities - low volume production and high volume production. Our constant investment in the development of a mix of machining technologies provides our clients a single source solution to optimally handle differences in equipment, complexity and run quantity. Our innovative high and low volume production capabilities, which increase net hourly output by as much as 60 percent, easily surpass the competition to deliver component parts with exceptional quality, efficiency and cost-competitiveness.

Within these dedicated cells we have various machining capabilities. Our manufacturing process utilises part specific quality control plans and inspection techniques to ensure products meet or exceed all your specification and standards. Professional operators and technicians carefully inspect all production runs for consistent, high-quality results.

For us, high volume orders translate to minimal labour costs and the ability to spread equipment cost and overhead across many hours. By the time our high-volume production process begins, our prototype and machining experts have already shortened the learning curve associated with most new product launches. High volume orders simply allow us to add more hours to the day to facilitate the ongoing delivery of value to our OEM customers.